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3 million dollar home in Saskatoon?

The housing market in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan isn’t considered a boom anymore. It’s now just “the norm”. With this new norm, people aren’t as impressed or dazzled by big homes. The name of the game is luxury! And when selling luxury real estate, you need luxury tactics. The home featured here is a beauty located just south of Saskatoon at 860 Gabriel Road. It is for sale if you’re in the market! It has been featured on the cover of The StarPhoenix earlier in 2013, and even has it’s own website to assist in the sale (click HERE to view the site). It’s what you’d expect from a home that has been said to be the most expensive home in Saskatchewan.

How to photograph a 3.3 million dollar home

I was commissioned by the owner to create great images to assist in selling the property. The home had been photographed already multiple times, but the owner sought me out wanting something that capture the feel of the unique spaces. I met with the owner a couple times before the actual photo shoot. We had three tasks before I could start shooting.

  1. Tour the property and take detailed notes about unique features
  2. Build a list of potential shots and submit to the owner for selection
  3. Nail down the perfect time of day to capture the the final selection of rooms and spaces

After proposing an approach for the property, the owner agreed on his final needs. We agreed on a modest list of images including the great room, and the kitchen. With such large windows and no shades or blinds, I was concerned. These were going to be the trickiest spaces to capture. Arriving at the wrong time of day, could lead to a completely wasted trip. To avoid any issues, I came up with the idea to set up a timelapse with my go pro. We ran it for 2 days capturing a photo every minute. The GoPro was aimed very close to the image above. We honestly had no idea if this would be an effective method, but it was worth a try. The point of this was to see how the sunlight moved through the room. It was a complete SUCCESS! After building the timelapse and reviewing the movement of the sun through the room, we decided a 9:30am start time would be optimal. We arrived on site, and spent approximately 2.5 hours capturing the 2 spaces. Both the owner I were very pleased with the results! These beautiful images are the result of careful planning and design. Check them out for yourself.



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